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Being Happy and Happier : Starting Now

On 18th and 19th March Venerable Miao Jing was invited to have a 2 days interactive dharma talk for attendees to introspect themselves and to describe Buddha in our mind in desirable and undesirable moments. Venerable related to our answers to narrate the desirable situation closely associating to the image of Buddha. We aspire to be like Buddha and feel joy at the sight of the Buddha, as a symbol that brings meaning to our lives.

Venerable shared that Buddha’s image displays 32 marks of excellence and 80 notable characteristics. He has attained auspicious character after many kaplas of practice. We can also grow good features like the Buddha by practicing do good deeds, say good words and think good thoughts. This helps to alleviate our faith with purification of individual then to leading the nation society and the entire world of purification.

Buddha has found enlightenment to overcome hardship he experienced. Ven. encouraged us to practice the three learning – “morality, concentration and wisdom” and 3 trainings – “improve, eradicating, enlightening” to transcend our undesirable moment to desirable one.

Besides, Venerable Miao Jing also taught us 4 tools to transcending and liberating.

1. 3Ps 1. Permission to be human 2. Focus on the positive benefit 3. Able to shift perspective.

2. STOP -- Stop reacting. Think calmly. List options. Proceed.

3. Three turning of the Dharma Wheel

1. Recognition

2. Encouragement

3. Realization

4. Bluewater Strategy -- Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s 3 acts of goodness. Do Good deeds with bodily actions. Be our own benefactor. Say good words with verbal speech. Praising the Buddha. Think good thoughts with mind.

Venerable Miao Jing had helped to provide us with tools on how to be a happier person. Would definitely welcome her back for another series of dharma talks.

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