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           Fo Guang Cares was set up in August 2014 by Fo Guang Shan (Singapore) to fulfill one of her main objectives, ‘Benefit society through charity’. Fo Guang Cares seeks to ‘Bring joy and happiness to the needy, underprivileged and handicapped’ via the various programmes. 


            These programmes cater to the people regardless of race, language or religion. 



Home Visit programme

            In this programme, a team of volunteers visits the elderly regularly to show warmth 

and concern and provide companionship. Through these visits, the needs of the elderly are identified and assistance provided when necessary.


Home Maintenance programme

            Volunteers carry out house cleaning and maintenance in the home of the elderly so  that they can live healthily in a good and clean environment. In addition, furniture and household appliances are sourced from well-wishers to replace worn and damaged equipment.


Emergency Day Care programme for children

            This short-term programme targets children who are temporarily deprived of family  support. The needs of these children are taken care of until they can return to their families.


Student Study programme

            Students from needy families are welcomed to join this supervised programme. It  seeks to provide a safe and conducive environment for the students to study in. 


            Volunteers will be on hand to guide and help the students in their school work and  study. Activities will also be conducted to enhance their motivation in their study as well as to inculcate values in the students.

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