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Brief Introduction of Buddha's Light Association ( Singapore )

      The objectives of the Association are:


      ● To observe the teachings of the Buddha, revere the Triple Gems, propagate the Dharma, 

        serve all sentient beings and establish a land of purity on earth through the promotion of  


      ● To promote the study and propagation of the teachings of the Buddha, and conduct study

         sessions and fellowship activities for members to sustain their physical and spiritual


      ● To support the development of Buddhist cultural activities and promote the dissemination of

         Buddhist sutras, publications and information.

      ● To help organise Dharma propagation assemblies of Sangha groups.

      ● To engage in activities relating to charity programmes and provide community welfare   



      The Association organises talks, Dharma classes, Camps, Community projects and activities regularly for her members and the general public. For the welfare of humanity and society, BLIA engages her members continuously in social services. To bring happiness, warmth, support and convenience to society, our members' code of conduct in daily life is to follow the four stanzas of BLIA which serve as a constant reminder of the compassion and wisdom of the Four Great Bodhisattvas.


      The four stanzas are:

      ● May kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity pervade the entire universe.

      ● May all people and heavenly beings benefit from our blessings and friendship.

      ● May our ethical practice of Ch'an and Pureland help us achieve universal forbearance.

      ● May we undertake the great Mahayana vows in humility and gratitude.

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